Dear music listener, welcome to the official homepage of STAIRCASE SECRETS!


Our aim is to achieve the highest possible level of timelessness, profundity, musical richness and variety in our songs - and, well, sometimes mere fun! We try to combine the grandeur of progressive rock with the down-to-earth attitude of alternative and grunge, the pure nativeness of ancient celtic folk with the glamorous gestures of rock, deep melancholy with exuberant playfulness... but ALWAYS creating songs saturated with MUSIC.


Right here we will keep you posted with all the news and information about what's going on in the world of SCS. We hope you'll enjoy browsing through our biography, discography and photos!

"With Every Mile" (2016) is our biggest effort so far. Not only did we spent years accomplishing it, but the album is packed right up to the physical limits of a CD. It contains 12 songs (plus 2 - may I say that? - hidden tracks. There, said it.) The lyrics deal with timeless themes of universe, life and death, and the stylistic range of the songs is wider than in our previous albums, though there's a recurring emphasis on celtic elements and an overall cinematic feel, fitting the sometimes vintage lyrics. Nevertheless this album doesn't get stuck in the past, as it features some of our most futuristic sounds and crisp production. Curious? Then come with us, and you'll discover something wonderful, with every mile...

"The Darwin Knife" (2010) is about contemporary crises, some things going wrong and pestering our minds and lives these days. Fitting the album's lyrics, the songs have a more forceful character compared to the rather laid-back mood of 2008's "A Traveller's Tales" and are mostly based on electric guitars. Of course, there's enough room for romantic interludes and for taking breath, as the songs show a rather complex, diversified structure - a Staircase Secrets trademark.

"A Traveller's Tales" (2008) contains six songs of escapism, of leaving and being left behind and deals with religious and philosophical questions. Yet it doesn't lackthe cheerful spirit of a fresh start. The instrumentation is rather acoustic, giving the album a natural, folkrock-like sound, the songs have an atmosphere of calm power.

"Side Street Stories" is a compilation of older tracks, recorded between 1999 and 2008. Some of these may not meet the high standards of the audiophile listener, but they display the fun of poaching through a wide range of musical styles. Some of them sound pretty serious as well... so, don't give up, we hope there's something in it for everyone.