STAIRCASE SECRETS is a Singer-Songwriter / Alternative / (Folk-) Rock band, formed by A.C. and J.C. van Rey.

They started out making music back in 1994 under the name of “Suleimann&Sane”, being inspired by bands like Simon & Garfunkel and Supertramp, but incorporating a vast range of other musical influences into their compositions, from metal to jazz, from progressive to epic film scores.

Due to a constant lack of proper equipment, they made their first recordings in the basement of J.C.’s former home on an old cassette recorder. (This would change 5 years later by finding a private producer who provided much more professionalism in recording the songs.) Always being open for new musical aspects, STAIRCASE SECRETS set a first foot on electronic ground in 1997, realizing that this lead to totally new possibilities in expressing themselves musically. However, they have never lost touch to their musical foundation, being a mixture of alternative, folk and songwriter music. Since 2004 STAIRCASE SECRETS are recording and producing their music themselves.

From 2005 on, the band also appeared under the name “Gondwana Gibbon Gods”, later simply “Gondwana Gibbon”, followed by the final change to “STAIRCASE SECRETS” at the beginning of 2007.

While all albums until 2008 include a (sometimes intentionally ludicrous) mixture of serious songs and humorous, playful or experimental tracks, the album "A Traveller's Tales" marked a significant change towards more earnest and consistent tracks. Music, lyrics and artwork have a more or less common theme and atmosphere for each album ever since. The follow-up album "The Darwin Knife" (2010) was a big leap forward in terms of songwriting and sound quality and has raised the bar fairly high. But after years of pushing one's limits and playing live gigs in celebration of the band's 20th anniversary, these standards were due to be surpassed. 2016's "With Every Mile" recaptures a bit of the stylistic openness of the early works, while further advancing in quality and abundance. It's the most mature and elaborate output so far.


Jonathstan Chester van Rey: lead vocals, guitars, drums
Alistair Cougar van Rey: guitars, keyboards, vocals, artwork and production